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Alia is a leader in providing value-added home construction services to our clients. Whether our clients invite us to build a custom home, or prefer a pre-built property, we create a successful partnership with our clients throughout the process. Our promise is to build lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining trust through our outstanding performance.

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Alia Homes is your one stop shop for all custom build needs.

We are serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 2000.

New Homes

Alia Custom Homes is a leading Winnipeg home builder with over 20 years’ experience in constructing affordable, high quality new homes.

Custom Built Homes

Alia Custom Homes provides high quality, innovative designed custom homes in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Lots For Sale

Alia Custom Homes also offers lots for sale. Our team deals with 100% transparency, assures value and smooth transactions.

  • Bi-levels Homes

    The entry to the home is between two flights of stairs and the front door leads to a landing. One flight of stairs goes to the top floor and the other down.

  • Bungalows

    One story house with smaller square footage than our other featured homes.

  • Two (2) Story Homes

    House with two stories and finished or unfinished basement

  • Detached Homes

    A single-family detached home that is a free-standing residential building

  • Duplexes

    A house divided into two apartments with a separate entrance for each.

  • Cab Over

    A larger house with multiple levels and the garage doors facing the front.

You dream it, we built it!

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